Posted on: August 13, 2010 12:46 pm

Athletes these days...

I was reading Larry Dobrow's Power Rankings the other day, which, by the way, I highly recommend, and I thought one of his commentaries was just classic.

The comments from Alex Rodriguez after he finally, inevitably, mercifully hit his 600th career dinger after a week's wait didn't fail to entertain. In keeping with his recent ego re-programming, he allowed only that he "was happy to get the win," "doesn't care about stats now that there's a ring on [his] finger" and "cares only about the team, team-related goals and team-building activities, including but not limited to team picnics and trust falls." For emphasis, he added, "Team team team team team team team team. Team." HAHAHA that is great. Not only is it funny, it makes a good point. Athletes have become so attached to such cleches that everyone knows they are completely meaningless. You can never tell these days when a player is sincerely grateful for his team or just saying it so he doesn't sound like a jerk.

What we need is some honesty. We need a player who isn't afraid to go out there and take the world because he is the best of the best. Remember Cassius Clay, now more prominently known as Muhammed Ali, saying "I am the greatest!" That's the most famous quote of all time. We need someone who is willing to take on the same personality and adapt it to modern culture.

Here's what I recommend: "I'd like to thank myself, for dreaming big and putting in the hours to develop all of my abilities. God had nothing to do with this body right here, these pecs and abs of steel were forged by yours truly from the day I evolved. I am the best that has ever lived, you can't stop me, you can only hope that I take mercy on your pitiful sole whenever you are unfortunate enough to face me. Go $*!# yourself America!"

Now that's what I'm talking about. An athlete with those kind of stones would be a real hit I think.... plus what else is Lebron gonna do to top "The Decision" :)

Posted on: July 16, 2010 4:42 pm

The Decision

Man, you know that feeling when you finaly meet the one person who you've always looked up to? That person, who you have always thought is perfect in every way, shape and form? And you know what always happens when you get to say hi? You're let down. That's how I feel right now.

I, of course, have not gotten to meet Lebron face to face, and it is more than likely that I never will. However, like most of the world, I have followed the Lebron saga all summer, and, through the camera lens, have met the real Lebron.

I totally repect Lebron's right to change cities, I even encouraged it from the start. Cleveland did not have the pieces to be a legitimate championship contender and didn't really have the capabilities to get them. Furthermore, the city doesn't have the swagger that is necessary to satisfy legends. Lebron needed to leave, and I'm glad he did.

But the way he did it?

Lebron's first mistake was not telling Cleveland from the start that he wasn't coming back. If Lebron had outright, from the beginning said he would not be returning to Cleveland, he still would have been the center of attention and gotten all the suspense he desired with where he was going. Deciding between Miami, New York and Chicago would have been good enough, he didn't need to lead Cleveland on like that as well. He lost so much respect from everyone for that.

Another mistake was the way he decided. An hour long tv special? Ok, that's fine, if you do it right. But doing it from a high school in Grenwich is not the right way to do it. It should have been a celebration, he should have informed the tam before hand, so they could set up the party the night of, not two nights after, like it happened. Sure, he gave some money to charity, but its not like that saved the hit his image took at all. If anything, it made him look worse, cause everyone recognized it for what it was, a pathetic attempt to save face, ingenuine, fake.

Finally, I have a serious problem with the decision he made. Miami??? I get that you want to play with your friends, but this was about something bigger. This was about legacies, untold riches and the fate of the NBA. Not some buddy-buddy bull shit. Lebron was in charge of saving the NBA by creating parody and competition. By reviving storied franchises, either the Bulls or Knicks. Instead, he took the easy way out.

So, in my book, Lebron went from the greatest athlete ever, with more spirit and expectations than anyone to a pathetic sidekick, to scared of his destiny to follow up. Even if he wins 7 titles in a row, Lebron is not ever going to be recognized with Jordan, Russel, and Magic, simply because of this debacle. Like I said, talk about disappointment.
Posted on: May 26, 2009 1:12 am

Lakers Vs. Nuggets Game 4 Thoughts

The Nuggets played a great game. I'm amazed the completely dominated this game like they did. The Lakers didn't play bad, but still got rocked. I would've thought the Lakers would have figured it out by now, they can't keep letting teams hang around. If they had won this game, they could have closed out in 5. But they let the nuggets hang around, and I think it's gonna come back to bite them in the butt. They lost by 20 with Melo playing his worst game of the playoffs. I'm thouroughly impressed with Denver right now. If they play like this again, it isn't hard to see them upsetting LA again at Staples center. The Nuggets bench was outstanding, and the Lakers bench was non-existent. It was great to finally see professional basketball players making their free throws too! LA was absolutely outmanned at times, it was almost like Denver had 6 players on the floor with all those offensive rebounds. I'm predicting Nuggets in 7. I know it's in LA, but the Nuggets have won there before, they can do it again.

Anyways, a couple other thoughts...

Has anybody noticed how the ESPN announcers are on their knees for Kobe. From start to finish, all they are talking about is how amazing Kobe is, how smart he is, how strong he is, I thought i heard an off-comment or two from Van Gundy about how good-looking Kobe is and how big his dick is.

What happened to NBA basketball? The referees need to let these guys play a bit. It literally took an hour to play the last 7 minutes of this game. Some of the fouls were warrented, but others were ridiculous, like Walton's last foul. I thought i was watching my little sisters rec-league games. The NBA needs to get on this, because it completely ruined the pace of the game. Furthermore, the Refs need to be a little more conservative with their technicals, and more consistent with their technicals. Kobe literally goes nose-to-nose with Benit Salvador, then JR makes a commen to a ref and gets T'd up. The star power that Kobe has with the Refs is ridiculous, but that goes back to my point above.

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