Posted on: May 26, 2009 1:12 am

Lakers Vs. Nuggets Game 4 Thoughts

The Nuggets played a great game. I'm amazed the completely dominated this game like they did. The Lakers didn't play bad, but still got rocked. I would've thought the Lakers would have figured it out by now, they can't keep letting teams hang around. If they had won this game, they could have closed out in 5. But they let the nuggets hang around, and I think it's gonna come back to bite them in the butt. They lost by 20 with Melo playing his worst game of the playoffs. I'm thouroughly impressed with Denver right now. If they play like this again, it isn't hard to see them upsetting LA again at Staples center. The Nuggets bench was outstanding, and the Lakers bench was non-existent. It was great to finally see professional basketball players making their free throws too! LA was absolutely outmanned at times, it was almost like Denver had 6 players on the floor with all those offensive rebounds. I'm predicting Nuggets in 7. I know it's in LA, but the Nuggets have won there before, they can do it again.

Anyways, a couple other thoughts...

Has anybody noticed how the ESPN announcers are on their knees for Kobe. From start to finish, all they are talking about is how amazing Kobe is, how smart he is, how strong he is, I thought i heard an off-comment or two from Van Gundy about how good-looking Kobe is and how big his dick is.

What happened to NBA basketball? The referees need to let these guys play a bit. It literally took an hour to play the last 7 minutes of this game. Some of the fouls were warrented, but others were ridiculous, like Walton's last foul. I thought i was watching my little sisters rec-league games. The NBA needs to get on this, because it completely ruined the pace of the game. Furthermore, the Refs need to be a little more conservative with their technicals, and more consistent with their technicals. Kobe literally goes nose-to-nose with Benit Salvador, then JR makes a commen to a ref and gets T'd up. The star power that Kobe has with the Refs is ridiculous, but that goes back to my point above.

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